Salt Water Disposal

Produced Wastewater

This excess water slows production because the tanks that are used to store the water become full. Therefore, no oil or gas can be produced because there is no place to store the water. The TankWarden System can help automate truck dispatching to ensure that the producer doesn't have to slow down production.

TankLogix recognizes that trucking this water is expensive, which is why minimizing trucking expenses can greatly increase the bottom line. The Tank Warden System enhances transparency and accountability for both operators and transporters. The Tank Warden System can be configured to restrict access to the valve if the driver of the truck is not verified; it can also report instantly the amount of water/product that has been taken. This system has successfully enhanced tank security, while reducing theft and human error.

TankLogix has implemented the Tank Warden System at water disposal sites as well. These customers especially enjoy the automatic tank gauging system because they don't have to employ someone to permanently watch the tanks. TankLogix has also provided other automated tank monitoring and field monitoring services to water disposal companies. Some of the other devices TankLogix can monitor at the wellhead are:

  • Flow Meters
  • Pumps
  • H2S and other gasses
  • Premium Sensors
Fracking and Wastewater

The Tank Warden system can monitor frac tanks for drilling purposes.

Pump Control and Produced Water Re-injection

TankLogix developed the pump control system to complement the TankWarden system because customers were already using head switches and pressure switches to turn the pumps on and off. The TankLogix system provides:

  • Allows all kill switches and other sensors to be integrated to the system
  • Adds intelligence to the pumping system by pumping based on tank levels and time
  • Will never pump or re-inject oil
  • Will never pump dry - minimizes risk of burning pump packing, etc