Site Safety Systems

Production Site Integrated Safety Systems
  • Built to perform in rugged and hard field environments and to function when they are needed most
  • Customized for site specific concerns and constructed using robust components
  • Appropriately rated for use in hazardous classified environments
  • Monitored and controlled by a reliable, high quality, industrial grade PLC
  • Sophisticated flame detection instruments that are easy to calibrate, operate, and maintain
H2S Monitoring System

How the TankLogix System Can Help:

More and more oil and gas companies are drilling in areas that are heavily populated. Since the Texas City incident in 1975, government regulation has required these companies to monitor the H₂S levels at certain wells. Our product allows these companies to have access to H₂S information 24/7, as well as providing data tracking capabilities, text message and email alerts, to enable them to minimize the risks associated with working around H₂S. In addition, the H₂S monitoring system can warn pumpers before they climb a tank that an H₂S danger may exist.

The entire system operates by using the patented Tank Warden battery system, and complies with federal regulation 30 CFR 250.490 that states:

You must activate audible alarms and display flags OR activate flashing red lights when atmospheric concentration of H₂S reaches 20 ppm.

How the H2S Monitoring System Works:

Each System comes equipped with a control box that collects the H₂S readings from 1-3 H₂S sensors and transmits data to our web-site. This control box also triggers flashing alarms when an H₂S alarm takes a reading above 20 ppm. These systems are very easy to install and can enhance a company's commitment to providing a safe workplace.

The system can be run completely from a single solar panel, or it can be wired for AC. The sensing units that detect H₂S are guaranteed for 1 year. Routine calibrations are required to maintain the reliability of the sensors.

Another element the Tank Warden System is that it eliminates the need for daily tank gauging. The pumper no longer has to manually gauge the tanks. The pumper will simply type in his access code and get the tank levels as well as the H₂S readings without ever climbing up the stairs.

Both the drilling and production divisions are required to monitor H₂S levels. In some areas of the country, the Bureau of Land Management producers disclose H₂S levels and reports. Using our web services, the Tank Warden System can generate H₂S reports in seconds.