TankWarden - Precise Measurement in Remote Areas

Tank Monitoring

TankLogix provides a complete liquid inventory management system, the TankWarden. TankWarden empowers producers by giving them complete control over their liquid inventory and distribution.

  • Eliminate manual tank gauging
  • Web-based data tracking
  • Cellular and satellite communication for even the most remote locations
  • Single or dual level, high-precision, magnetostrictive sensors
  • TankLogix brand sensors are oil & gas field grade, made in USA
  • Provide flow and pressure readings to monitor pumps, flow lines, and vessels
Remote Locations - Solar Power System

The Tank Warden System includes a solar system that powers the control unit. No external power is required. This is perfect for tank batteries in places that don't have electricity readily available. TankLogix provides custom solar solutions to ensure the system will work in any climate or environment. In addition, a warranty is available that provides 100% replacement of any defective parts or components for 2-years.

The Tank Warden System can be purchased without the Solar System for hard wiring

Precise Dual-Level Monitoring

The Tank Warden System can use redundant sensors to provide accurate levels for up to two liquids in the same tank. TankLogix can provide pressure transducers, magnetostrictive sensors, guided radar, capacitive, and ultrasonic sensors that deliver liquid levels with 0.1” resolution. The sensor systems are engineered to fit any liquid application or interface.

Communications Systems Cellular and Satellite

TankLogix understands how important information is to business owners and managers. With cellular and Satellite technology, the TankLogix system can be used anywhere in the world, providing custom solutions to fit any tank owner or transport company.


TankLogix offers customers a 2-year warranty on all products included in the Tank Warden System, TankLogix has a vested interest in keeping your system up and running. If any parts or components in the Tank Warden System break or fail, TankLogix will send replacement parts at no cost to the customer. After the 2-years is up, continued support is available.

Automated Valve Control for Added Tank Security and Accountability

The Tank Warden AV enhances security with an automated valve that gives tank operators additional information and control at the wellhead. The Tank Warden System is designed with custom controls to give the producer more information and control about who is taking product from tanks.