Oilfield Automation, SCADA, Tank Monitoring, and More

Oilfield Automation

TankLogix engineers have decades of experience in industrial automation. We use this experience to fully modernize any job site.

Complete Site Automation

Decreased Production Cost

Reduced Labor

Increased Productivity

Spill Prevention

Extended Equipment Life


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

  • Customizable pages suit individual need
  • Web-based remote control
  • Our rapid deployment process gets you up and running quickly
  • Maximize use of your data with custom reports
  • Secure VPN communication to field devices

Tank Monitoring


Web-based Monitoring

Eliminate manual tank gauging. Monitor your tank data in near real-time on desktop and mobile devices with the TankLogix Portal.

Reach Further

Connect to your sites using our cellular and satellite technology to reach even the most remote locations.


Proudly Made in the USA

Our TankLogix brand sensors are oil & gas field grade, made at home in the USA. We provide single or dual level, high-precision, magnetostrictive sensors.


Remote Control

TankWarden is your complete liquid management system. It provides complete control over your liquid inventory and distribution.

Salt Water Disposal

Effectively monitor your SWD. Dual-level, high-precision, magnetostrictive sensors help provide features such as:

  • Customized pump logic to eliminate spills
  • Remote login capability
  • Data acquisition - All data is transmitted wirelessly and displayed online
  • Dual-level sensors eliminate the risk of pumping oil down-hole
TankLogix Portal


Built using modern web-based technologies, TankLogix Portal keeps your data safe and secure.

Automated Alarms

Send highly customizable alarms via email, voice, and text message.


Web Based

TankLogix Portal is available on any device with a web browser and internet connection.

VFD Controls and Motors

  • High torque at low speed (very high starting torque)
  • Best load management of any drive on the market
  • Lowest harmonic distortion in the standard industrial drive market
  • 60 to 3,000 HP; 240 VAC to 4160 VAC
  • Two-year on-site warranty

Site Safety Systems

We design and install safety systems that monitor a variety of environmental hazards.

PLC Monitored

Reliable, high-quiality, industrial grade PLCs provide advanced monitoring.

Site Specific

Customized, robust hardware suited to fit site specific needs.

Flame Detection

Sophisticated flame detection instruments that are easy to calibrate, operate, and maintain.

H2S Monitoring

Provide a site-wide H2S monitoring system for all your operators.

Radio Communication

Radio communication between wells and tank battery.

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